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Water Dams in Cádiz

Bornos Dam

Water Dams in Cádiz

Bornos Dam & Reservoir

The Bornos dam is located in the Guadalete river and is part of the municipalities of Bornos, Arcos de la Frontera and Villamartin, in the province of Cadiz.

The Bornos Dam belonging to the Cuenca Hidrográfica Guadalete y Barbate.

River: Guadalete

Type of Dam: concrete, straight gravity dam

Year of Construction: 1.961

The reservoir is used to: Irrigation (88.25 hm3/2.200 ha.) – Electricity (2436.16 kw).

Fishing – Water sports

The reservoir covers an area nmn: 2077.75 hectares and its capacity is 215.4 hm3.

Average rainfall: 746.6 l/m2.

The reservoir is part of Bornos IHA (Inventory of Wetlands of Andalucia).

Name: Cola’s Dam Bornos
Overview of the wetlands: Zone of high ecological value, and is one of the great freshwater reserves in the area, serving as a refuge for wildlife.
Type: Dams and reservoirs in areas of ecological interest.
Specific standard of protection: Declared by the Natural Law 2 / 1989 of July 18, by approving the inventory of protected natural areas of Andalusia and establishing additional measures for their protection.

Bornos Dam & Reservoir

Presa de Bornos. Plano de la Presa de Bornos

Presa de Bornos

Bornos Municipality

The town of Bornos is located in the region called “Sierra de Cádiz”, in the north of the province, framed in the south of Andalusia.

The municipal term has an area of 54.3 km2, 300 meters above sea level at its highest point. To the north it limits with Villamartín, to the south and east with Arcos de la Frontera and to the west with Espera.

Bornos is located at Km. 44 of the A-382 and 5 Km. from the population center is Coto de Bornos, which was originally a settler farm. Ideal for rest, Bornos opens its doors to visitors, giving them all of its history, with an important artistic heritage, and the scenic beauty of its surroundings, which nature lovers fall in love with. Read More…

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  1. Rosario Gosalbez escribio:

    Mi padre, Vicente Gosálbez Martinez fue el Ayudante de Obras Públicas que estuvo al cargo de la construcción de la presa de Bornos por parte de la Administración (Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquvir y el Ingeniero de fue D. Jaime Arraez.
    La obra duró siete años, durante los cuales vivimos en el pantano, para estar a pie de obra.
    La empresa constructora fue Corsan, y el Ingeniero de esta fue D. Octavio del Real.


    Soy de Bornos, nací en el año 1956 y mi padre trabajó en esa presa, la que hoy es mi suegra, estuvo en la inauguración sirviendo el catering que se le dio al entonces jefe del estado, fue desde Madrid. Me gustaría conocer mas datos, empresa adjudicataria, datoa técnicos, materiales empleados y coste.

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