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Villages in Cadiz


Villages in Cadiz

Bornos, Sierra de Cádiz

Bornos is located in the region called “Sierra de Cádiz”, in the Northern area of the province, included in the South of Andalucía. This town is part of Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos.

The municipal district has an area of 54,3 Km2, it is to 300 metres above sea level. At North it borders on Villamartín, at South and East on Arcos de la Frontera and on West on Espera.

Bornos is located in the Km. 44 of the Motorway A-382 and to 5 Km. from the populated area you can find Coto de Bornos, that in its origin it was a estate of settlers. Bornos is a perfect place to rest and offers the visitor its history, with an important artistic heritage, and the landscape beauty of its environment, that captive the lovers of the nature.

The origin of its name has been very controversial. For someone it is the old Brana quoted by Plinio; others authors identify it with the Carissa of the Turdetani; for other, it comes from bornes: limits. Another etymological trend attributes the origin to the place name Born, area of El Sudán, where the tribe of Al-barnús was created (from where the garment, bathrobe, similar to the ones they wear) that in 744 populated this area. And, finally, Born, that in Teutonic language means fountain.

This town was formed in the Muslim age around the castle of El Fontanar. During this age were famous its fountains with healing effects.

In the XIII century dates back from several Christian expeditions against the Muslim settlers, and at the beginning of the XIV century it is quoted like part of the lands in the Castilian Crown.

During the XVII century it passes to the Casa de Medinaceli’s wealth.

Important Figures

Per Afán de Ribera, (XVI century). Field Marshal of Cataluña and Viceroy of Nápoles.
San Juan de Ribera, (XVI century). Canonized in 1960.

Reservoir of Bornos


Santo Domingo de Guzman Church
Corpus Christi Convent
Convent of San Bernardino de Siena
Monastery of Santa María del Rosario
Hermitage of El Calvario
Church of La Resurrección
Ribera´s Castle Palace
Casa de la Cilla
Casa Ordóñez
School of La Sangre
Gardens of the Palace of Los Ribera


Lomo en manteca blanca (loin, lard, salt, paprika, etc). Soups. Cabbages. Stews with meat.

Fruit: we can emphasize the famous Damascos de Bornos (apricots).


Route of La Presa
Route of La Sierra
Stretch of La Via Verde
Monumental Route
Route of Los Molinos
Gully of Morón until Carissa Aurelia
Route of Via Crucis
Adventure Travel

How to get there

If you exit Cádiz, you have to continue in: N-443. Pass near Puerto Real and continue in: AP-4, then in: E-5 / A-4. Pass near Jerez de la Frontera. Take the exit towards: Salida 78, Arcos, Circuito de Velocidad. Continue in: A-382. Pass near Jédula and continue in: A-384 until you get Bornos.


To Ronda 71 km
To Sevilla 86 km
To Cádiz 77 km
To Espera 10 km
To Arcos de la Frontera 14 km

Bornos - Las Monjas Square





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