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Water Dams in Córdoba

Breña II Dam

Water Dams in Córdoba

Breña II Dam – Almodóvar del Río

The Breña II Dam is located about 120 m distrance downstream of the old Breña Dam, in the Guadiato River, in the Andalusian municipality of Almodovar del Rio.

La Breña Dam II has 119 m hight and a volume of roller compacted concrete (HCR) of 1,4×106 m3 a total of 1.6×106 m3 of concrete, is the largest european dam of (HCR).

Although the Breña Dam II is built on the Guadiato riverbe, it is mainly filled water come from the Guadalquivir river, which is a tributary of the Guadiato. The water is pumped from a pumping station that will raise the reservoir surplus winter Guadalquivir.

Gravity and straight plant, the Breña II Dam has a height from foundations of 119 m and its crest lenght is 685 m.

In December 2003 the European Union give green light to build the dam.

It was mid 2005 when work began, access tracks are made, the crushing plant, concrete plants an excavation and consolidation treatments for the foundation of the dam is installed.

More about the Breña II Dam

* River: Guadiato

* Municipality: Almodóvar del Río
* Province: Córdoba – Andalusia
* Dam Type: Gravity and straight plant.
* Height from foundatin: 119 m
* Crest Length: 685 m
* Capacity at NMN (hm3): 823.41
* Total number of spilways in the dam: 1
* Total number of drains in the dam: 2
* Coordinates UTM 30: 320211 – 4188779
* Uses: Hydroelectric – Irrigation

Breña II Dam - Almodóvar del Río - Almodóvar del Río.

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