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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


Burguillos is situated 23 kilometres from the provincial capital, gathering winds of 90 metres in altitude, a small beautiful natural landscape and traditional uses called Burguillos. This town is located in the foothills of Sierra Morena, that is, in the northern mountains crowning the province and the region of La Vega.

Burguillos limits with the municipalities of Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Alcalá del Río, Villaverde del Río y Guillena.

There are no specific data on the origin of Burguillos as such settlement, although there have found ruins of a village, perhaps Roman, on a hill in the eastern area of the city, and some other vestige of primitive structures at different locations. Therefore, the town seems to be a Muslim foundation, though with different localization of the oldest findings.

It is possible that there was any settlement of the Roman town, having found some remains of this period in the municipality. To the east of the town and on a hill that gradually undermines the stream Huerta Abajo, there are ruins of Roman construction, the principal of which has a rectangular shape ending in a kind of hub.

The walls are plaster and low height. Nearby, although there is no evidence of other structures, there is a large number of items tiles, bricks and blocks, giving the impression of having set up the place a village from another time. Detachments that table caused by floods of the stream, have uncovered a piece of tiers of small proportions that seems to join the main building.

In the township, in a place called Carraola, half body was found a white marble sculpture depicting a male figure dressed in toga and lacking arms and head. Its style can be dated to the Roman era, the Christian period.

Due to the flooding of the stream, it seems that Muslims decided to modify the settlement on lands safer than the ruins above.

Burguillos Monuments

Church of San Cristobal Mártir

Burguillos Gastronomy

The game has a major role in the gastronomy of the municipality, also highlights other dishes such as gazpacho, baked rabbit with rice, rabbit stew, partridge or potage, crumbs, thistles, etc.
As for his pastry we highlight the gañotes, pestiños, rosas, donuts and toasts.

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla and take the A-3102, alleyway of La Rinconada -Alcalá del Río and towards Burguillos

Distances from Burguillos

Sevilla 24 km
Brenes 15 km
Guillena 11km
Cantillana 16 km
Alcalá del Río 8 km

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