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Villages in Huelva

Cabezas Rubias

Villages in Huelva

Cabezas Rubias, Andévalo Region

Cabezas Rubias is a traditional mining village belonging to the region of Andévalo, near the Sierra de Aracena, in a landscape of small hills and ridges dominated by olive trees, cereals and vines.

The municipality limits with Santa Bárbara de Casa, Paymogo, Puebla de Guzmán, El Cerro de Andévalo, Calañas, Aroche and Cortegana.

The Chapel of S. Sebastian is of interest, as a memorial.

This tiny town was called originally called Ad Rubras. In these very old areas where once prehistoric man of western Andalusia lived, a village developed that would become known as Sales Blondes. Ad Rubras may be, according to historian Alonso Moreno, the early name of Cabezas Rubias, a place closely linked to the same source with the appearance of golden grassy hills, its topography so reddish due to oxidized iron soil.

Viewed from up close, the image of Cabezas Rubias provides the yellow colour that so affects their toponymy. The population of these territories was one hundred people in 1591, a significant number considering Huelva itself housed only 800 inhabitants. The local chronicle continued since then has been directly linked to the county of Niebla in a time of reforms and improvements made by the master planning Andres Silva Seville in 1731.


San Sebastian Hermitage

Cabezas Rubias Gastronomy

The area has a great wealth of species so the dishes main ingredients are both the small and large game typical in this area.
Gazpacho and soups with the aroma of cilantro and all garden grown fruits and vegetables.

Getting There

Exit direction Gibraleón Huelva,, turn right: A-495. Crossing of San Bartolome de la Torre and Alosno. Continue until the locality.

Distances from Cabezas Rubias

Huelva 67 km
Alosno 24 km
Calañas 23 km
Paymogo 28 km
Gibraleón 52 km
Zalamea la Real 49 km
Puebla de Guzman 20 km

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