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Cabra – Jarcas Fountain

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Cabra – Jarcas Fountain

The Jarcas Fountain is located a few minutes from the town of Cabra, A-339 towards Carcabuey and Priego de Córdoba, a few meters from the junction where we turn to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Sierra and near the Arcaeological Site of Cerro de la Merced, in the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park. It is accesssed from the restaurants parking along the road.

Jarcas Spring

The Jarcas Spring represents one of the main drainage points of the Sierra de Gaena aquifer. Its water supplies the irrigated fields and supplies some neighborhoods of Cabra. Although its flow rate is small (18 liters/second on an annual average), there is no record that it has never been used up.

The rain that falls on the Cerro de Jarcas and the giant dolina field of Los Hoyones infiltrates through the cracks of limestone and dolomites. Water penetrates until less permeable rocks are reached, such as marls and clays. At thouse points of contact between rocks of different permeability, the water comes out mineralized to the surface.

It is common to find remains of ancient civilizations in the surroundings of thise springs. On the other side of the stream, is the Cerro de la Merced, and important territorial milestone during the Iberian Era (IV-II centuries BC). On its top a fortified aristocratic building was build.

Jarcas Fountain - Jarcas Spring - Cabra

Jarcas Fountain - Jarcas Spring

Cerro de la Merced Archaeological Site (near Jarcas Fountain)

Cabra Town Hall

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