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Cabra – Río Fountain

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Rio Fountain – Birth of the Cabra River

The Rio Fountain is located at the southeast end of the urban center of Cabra, near the exit to Priego de Córdoba, on the so-called  Fuente del Río highway.

Object for inspiration of the famous writer Juan Valera, the “Fuente del Río” (Source of the River) is a clear example of a natural area subject ot the changes materialized by the hand of the man. A zone where the natural character of a typical spring from the limestone Sierra de Cabra meets the ornamental value of gardens and trees, making up a space of great landscaping interest whic has deserved diferent distinctions such as the denomination of “Bien de Interés Cultural” (B.I.C.) (Place of Cultural Interest), “Site of Natural Interest” or “Singular Woods”. In the “Fuente del Río” we can find the water spring of the River Cabra and the boundary with the Natural Park of the Subbética Mountain range, declared in 1988.

Rio Fountain - Cabra


Rio Fountain in Cabra

Rio Fountain

Cabra Town Hall

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