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Monuments in Córdoba

Cabra – San Juan de Dios Church

Monuments in Córdoba

San Juan de Dios Church – Cabra

San Juan de Dios Church is located at the Plaza Vieja (square), in the Andalusian town of Cabra, Córdoba Province.

According to the historian Narciso García-Montero, its foundation dates from 1586. San Juan de Dios Church - CabraThe temple would be rebuilt around 1700, according to Rivas Carmona, although its present configuration belongs to the second half of the 18th century, 1762, with later contributions of the end of that century. Prevailed by the Brothers of San Juan de Dios, the convent was suppressed in 1835, as a result of the well-known “law of Mendizábal”.

The fundamental structure of the church is of the 17th century, with great contributions of the 18th century, such us the main door, made of stone, with a conventional design, following the trend of the convent architecture. Above its front door, we can see the image of San Juan de Dios made of stone, framed between scrolls and finished in a divided triangular cleft wall.

The inside of the temple is a stylistic example of the baroque. Of rectangular plant, it is built with a single craft divided into four sections, with a cruise of few arms and square apse. On the side walls, altarpieces are located matching each one of the sections.

Cabra Town Hall

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