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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Cacín, Comarca del Poniente Granadino

Cacín is a town situated on the right bank of the river Cacín, which in its descent from the Bermejales Dam & Reservoir is one of the most interesting river gorges of the Penibética range. It is part of the northern slope of Sierra Tejeda, a large mass of reddish-brown stone surrounded by vineyards, yew and pine. Cacín is a small quiet town where you can enjoy nature just 25 minutes from Granada.

Cacin’s name comes from the Abul Casim family name.  It was first called Casim, and lay on the old route along which were the large estates on the road from Granada to Alhama de Granada.

Although its foundation dates from the late eighteenth century, the municipality, during the passage of time, has been closely linked, as all of this area from Western Granada to Alhama de Granada and has seen times of Muslim rule, and the subsequent Christianization after the wars of Granada. Also, in the nineteenth century, Cacin saw the presence on their land of Napoleon’s troops during the War of Independence, and at the end of that century, it was one of the municipalities most affected by the terrible earthquake, known as the Andalusian Earthquake, which struck the region during the Christmas of 1884.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church, of relatively recent construction.)

Archaeological Sites

Cacín Cave (remains of the Neolithic Era).

Town planning

A town without the impact of modern construction.

El Turro.


Cacín has a strong culinary tradition as demonstrated in the autumn festivals, when people take to the fields for their ‘picnic’ with a menu of migas, rice and homemade sausages. The river Cacin also provides excellent salmonids such as trout with which they produce the typical baked trout.

Puchero (a kind of stew). “Papas a lo pobre” (fried peppers, onions and potatoes). Stewed partridge. Rabbit stew. Collejas with tortilla dip.


Leave Granada. Continue: Carretera de Granada. Pass Armilla . Continue along: A-338. Pass Gabia Grande and La Malahá. Take GR-101. Pass Ventas de Huelma. Take GR-18 and arrive at Cacín.


Granada 39 km
Ochíchar 5.5 km
Agrón 18 km
La Zahora 6.5 km
El Turro 11km
Alhama de Granada 16 km
Chimeneas 16 km
Acula 15 km
Escúzar 21 km

Bermejales Dam & Reservoir – Contraembalse

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