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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Calicasas, La Campana Granadina

Calicasas is situated in what is traditionally known as La Campana Granada, a region that included the area around Granada where the ringing of the bell of the Torre de la Vela de la Alhambra can be heard. It lies on the right-hand bank of the Bermejo River, which has cut a small gorge with red walls. Within its boundaries there are still some sections of the aqueduct and some traces of the old Albolote canal, constructed during the reign of Charles III, but never completely finished, and it was finally replaced by the modern system of irrigation from the nearby Reservoir of Cubillas.

Calicasas limits with the municipalities of Peligros, Cogollos Vega, Güevéjar y Albolote.

The name comes from the Arabic al-Qannar Quaryat.

The history of Calicasa has always been closely linked to Granada , which is nearby. Today the town is mainly involved in industrial and commercial services to and for Granada.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish church.)

Town planning

Old railway station.

Calicasas Gastronomy

The Arab heritage can be seen in the local cuisine. Among the most traditional are Granada soup, stews, tortillas, beans and gazpacho. The delicious meat recipes focus on dishes made with chicken and rabbit as the main elements and which are made with meats typically prepared at home.


Leave Granada. At the roundabout, take exit 2 Continue along: E-902 / A-44 direction: Armilla – Motril. Pass near Maracena and Albolote. Take the exit towards: Exit 116 – Calicasas – El Chaparral – Colomera. In Chaparral, at the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue to: GR-NE-9 and arrive at Calicasas.

Distances from Calicasas

Jun 16 km
Nívar 8.5 km
Alfacar 14 km
Güevéjar 6 km
Granada 18 km
Pulianas 10 km
Pelogros 9.5 km
Cogollos de la Vega 5 km

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