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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The village of Camas is very near to the capital, it is only 4 kilometres from Sevilla. It belongs to the area of the sevillian Aljarafe and it is located close to the Via de la Plata (Highway 630, Sevilla – Gijón) in a plain located on the right bank of the Guadalquivir river, at a height of 13 meters above sea level. In 1996 Camas had 25.679 inhabitants.

The municipality limits with Santiponce, Valencina de la Concepción, Castilleja de Guzmán, Castilleja de la Cuesta, Tomares y Sevilla.

In Roman times, according to Plinio and Ptolomeo, Camas was located in the city of Ugla, although on its outskirts there was a city of turdetani origin called Allocas and another city of Latin origin called Allce. Camas minted its “own currency “, and treasures such as the Carambolo have been found, with a great artistic beauty and a real landmark for the knowledge of the Tartessos culture.

From the Carthaginian period Camas had a great military value, and its territory was protected by several castles and watchtowers built by Aníbal.

The actual origin of Camas dates from an Arab farmhouse belonging to Abu-Alkama. We can find its actual name during the period of Fernando III.

Camas belonged to the district of Sevilla until 1631, in which year D. Diego Arias de Mendoza, who was a canon of the Cathedral of Sevilla, bought it after an argument with Conde-Duque de Olivares.

Nowadays Camas is famous   because of the Military Uprising of General Riego on January 1st 1820. He proclaimed the political liberties and the Constitution of 1821 it was given the title of city and the use of its own “coat of arms”.

Camas Monuments

Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. de Guia
Farmhouse of Gambogaz
Parque Central
Monument to the Toreo
Square of la Cruz
Parish Church de Ntra. Sra. de Gracia


Sausages. Sopeao (andalusian cold coup with fried breadcrumbs, you can add melon, grapes, cucumber, tomato, onion, all with olive oil). Migas (Crumbs). Stewed bull tongue in its juice.

How to get there

Leave Sevilla and take: E-1 / A-49 towards: Camas – Huelva. Take the exit Camas – Olivares.


Sevilla 4,5 km
Utrera 46 km
Alcalá de Guadaira 31 km
Castilleja de la Cuesta 4 km
Castilleja de Guzmán 3,5 km

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