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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen

Cambil, Sierra Mágina Region

The village of Cambil with more than 3.500 inhabitants, is located at the bottom of a valley in which the rivers “Villanueva and Oviedo”, makes its way between the hills Ingenio and Achuelo, where in the past were built the castles Cambil and Alhabar, defensive bastions of the nasrid kingdom in Granada during three centuries of frontier and a place of constant warlike clashes.

Cambil borders the neighboring municipalities of Pegalagar, Torres, Albanchez de Mágina, Noalejo, Huelma, Cárcheles and Campillo de Arenas.

The first historic news date from 1315, in which the infant D. Pedro occupied the fortress of Cambil and Alhabar, and nowadays it is in ruins.

Cambil would belong Moslems and Christians in the following years until in 1485; it was conquered by Fernando el Católico, after twelve days of resistance. Mohamed Lentin, who protected the fortress, went off to live to Granada.

Cambil belonged to the district of Jaén until 1588.

The agricultural lands are full of olive groves and watered by the Rivers Villanueva, Oviedo and Arbuniel. The latter rises in the village with the same name, in whose nearness we can find many Roman remains that lead us to locate there the city of Vergilia.

The ancient pasture of Mata Begid, nowadays included in the Parque Natural de Sierra Mágina, spreads from the Summit of Almadén until the valley, having one of the most important arboreal nucleus in the Parque, mainly with holm oaks and gall-oaks. In the past it belonged to Jaén that exploited its feed, leaf, acorn and wood, until in 1.862 it was disentailed.

Despite the ploughings which were produced, nowadays it is a beauty area. We can see it as an isle with indigenous vegetation surrounded by farm land, where we can find a numerous and varied fauna, like the golden Eagle, Spanish ibex, wood-pigeon, hoopoe, genet, badger, wild boar, rabbit,…

Cambil is one of the richest villages of the Region because of the watercourses. The source of the river Arbuniel, near the village, has been arranged like an entertainment place, where its waters store in a pool before being distributed by kilometres of secular irrigation ditches.

Cambil Monuments

Parish Church
Castle of Matabejid
Archaeological Sites
Ancient Baroque Hospital
Arab Castle of Cambil Alhabar


Cambil has a delicious and traditional gastronomy, based on the cattle rising and on the farm produce. We can mention the broth of habicholones, almoronía (its main ingredient is the dry beans, to which we add a blood sausage), cayenne pepper, soup of crayfish, carnerete of cod… and the aguacebá (a refreshing drink), that traditionally used the snow of Almadén for its elaboration.

How to get there

From the Motorway A-4 (Bailen-Motril) you have to take the exit 64 and to 9 kilometres, it is the village of Arbuniel where you can find the installations « Las Aguas del Arbuniel ». Once you have arrived the village, you have to go towards Cambil.


Jaén 33 km
Huelma 18 km
Pegalajar 22 km
Arbuniel 9,5 km
La Guardia de Jaén 35 km

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