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Trails in Andalucia

Camino del Lago Istan

Trails in Andalucia

Camino del Lago – Istan

Historical Review: This trail runs along the ridge know as Loma de Arroyo Cuevas. In the old times it was connected to San Pedro de Alcántara path and was used as a neighbour´s path to give access to the farmland they had in the river valley.

The Reservoir of La Concepción or “Green River”: Istán, known as the “Wellspring of the Costa del Sol”, still has an interesting layout of piping and irrigation ditches built by the Moors who had a special worship of water, as well known.

Later on, several mills were built in the area of the river “Molino” to take profit from the big amount of water and from its strength coming down the terrain variations. There were mostly flour mills but there was also and oil mill and a factory of light which appeared later. The description of these mills and their productivity is detailed in the Cadastre of Ensenada (1752). At present it only remains one mill with full capacity of performance.

Known as “The Birth” is the wellspring that supplies water to Istán municipality, both for human consumption and irrigation, as from this spring are born numerous canals of Arabic and Moorish design that irrigate all the orchards.

One of today´s most significant exponent of the abundance of water that this path leads us to, is the Dam of the Conception, although it is better know by the name of The Dam of Rio Verde, due to the name of the mighty river that feeds it.

This dam was built in 1971; it did not begin to impound water until 1973. Located on the grounds of the Green River Valley wich, until it was flooded, was one of the most fertile and productive areas in the area. This is attested by the number of existing homes and farmhouses that were buried under water. These homes tell us of an agricultural past which served to alleviate hunger and economic hardship of the 40s of XX century.

At present, this dam supplies drinking water to about 450.000 inhabitants of the Costa del Sol.

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