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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Campillos can be found in the western part of the Comarca (region) of Antequera, between grain fields and olive groves. The principal scenic and ecological interests are the lagoons formed by the Dulce, Salada, Redonda, Capacete, Marcela, Cerrero and Camuñas, declared a Natural Reserve by the Government of Andalusia, here you can see flamingos and storks in their natural environment.

The first definite writings of an urban population in what is now Campillos came in the fifteenth century, after the conquest of the area by Christian troops.

Remains have been discovered in the Castillón that suggest the presence of an Ibero-Roman settlement, among which were fragments of pottery and coins, although it could also have been a Visigothic enclave, judging by the three “capiteles” found in el Moralejo, now converted to the Colegio San Jose (College of St. Joseph.)

Today there is no documentation of Campillos until the fifteenth century, after the conquest of the area by the Christian troops. At that time, Campillos belonged administratively to the town of Teba, until in 1680 independence was achieved through the privilege of jurisdiction.

Campillos Geographical Location

The town lies to the west of the Comarca de Antequera, 30 kilometres from that city and 80km from the capital of the province. The main population centre is about 500 metres above sea level, the average rainfall is 510 l/m2 and the average annual temperature is about 15 º C


Santa Ana Chapel
Nuestra Senora de Belen Chapel
San Sebastian Chapel
Santa Maria del Reposo Church
San Benito Chapel

Campillos Gastronomy

The municipality cuisine features hot gazpacho, cold gazpacho, gazpachuelo, migas, campillera casserole, chickpea stew, lentil stew with beans, “salmorejo” and “tagarinas”.


Bollos de aceite, muffins, fritters coated with honey and sweet potato pies.


From the capital of the Costa del Sol, take the A-357, which leads directly to the town. If you set off from Antequera or anywhere else in the region, go via the A-92 and the A-384. The first village which you come to is Campillos.


Ronda 57 km
Malaga 80 km
Cadiz 174 km
Seville 139 km
Antequera 32 km


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