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Water Dams in Huelva

Campofrio Dam

Water Dams in Huelva

Campofrio Dam & Reservoir, Campofrio

Campofrio Dam was built in 1883 on the bed of the Campofrio River, in the Andalusian municipality of Campofrio, province of Huelva, Spain.

Campofrio is a gravity dam type with a height from foundations of 35 meters and a crest lenght of 116 meters.

The Campofrio Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Hidrográfica Tinto, Odiel y Piedras, Huelva area and has a capacity of 4,30 hm3.

Uses of the Campofrio Reservoir

– Water Supplying

– Industrial

Campofrio Dam & Reservoir, Campofrio

Campofrio Dam & Reservoir, Campofrio


The Huelva town of Campofrío is located between the Sierra and La Mina, 84 km. from the capital and has 866 inhabitants.
During the Middle Ages it belonged as a village to the Villa de Aracena until its separation in 1753 by Royal Privilege granted by Fernando IV. Archaeological remains from the Second Bronze Age have been found in its territory.

San Miguel Arcangel Church: the church of San Miguel Arcángel de Campofrío is one of the most important monuments in the municipality.

The building, mostly neoclassical, from the end of the 18th century, was built on the foundations of an earlier temple from the 15th century, of which only the presbytery remains, in Gothic style, which, attached to the new nave, takes on the function of sacristy.

The work of the architects Joseph Álvarez and Antonio Matías de Figueroa, the new temple consists of a large building with a Latin cross floor plan, with a single nave covered by a barrel vault that starts from a classic flight of cornices, in the masonry of its solid The walls open up to eight mural chapels, with a small baptismal chapel and the tower at its feet.

The transept is made up of four large arches that support a slender half-orange dome without a drum, richly decorated with mural paintings.

Two large doors, called San Miguel and Santiago, cross the entrance to the building. Its covers follow the neoclassical style, but are not exempt from some baroque style.

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