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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Campotéjar, Comarca de los Montes

Campotéjar can be found to the north of Granada, its municipal boundary to the west runs to Hoya Guadix, and the extreme south of the province of Jaén. In medieval times it was, for many years, a frontier between the Christians and Muslims, and has the ruins of an ancient castle.

Campotéjar limits with the municipalities of Dehesas Viejas, Iznalloz y Montejícar.

The archaeological sites found in the Cerro Castellon show that this area was inhabited during the Copper Age. However, no information is available from the Bronze age (Argárica) through to the Moorish occupation in the eleventh century. During the Nazari times Campotejar was on the frontier of the Christian territories, so a fortified castle was built for defense, of which little remains today.

For years, the area suffered many attacks by Catholic troops and in 1486 troops commanded by Don Frederic of Toledo, the general and chief captain of Ferdinand the Catholic took the square. Two years later, Ferdinand and Isabella gave the town into the care of Don Alonso Venegas, to take charge of the rebuilding of the castle. In 1490 the castle had to be strengthened by the Earl of Tendilla, after war had been declared against king Boabdil of the Moors.

In 1609, Don Pedro de Granada y Venegas was given jurisdiction over all the lands of Campotéjar.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish church.)

Town planning

A Mountain village.

Campotéjar Gastronomy

The most outstanding dishes are ropa vieja, gachas de harina (a kind of porridge thickened with flour), Migas de segaor (a dish of meat and breadcrumbs) “Guisao” potatoes, local tarts, egg donuts and donuts with wine.


From the capital (Granada) take the A-44 in the direction of Jaén and take exit 84 to go along the Avenue of the Eastern Mountains and arrive at Campotejar.

Distances from Campotéjar

Frailes 32 km
Moclín 31 km
Granada 47 km
Iznalloz 19 km
Colomera 19 km
Montejícar 22 km
Campillo de Arenas 11km
Benalúa de las Villas 10 km

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