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Villages in Sevilla

Cañada Rosal

Villages in Sevilla

Cañada Rosal

Cañada Rosal is a town located in the eastern province of Sevilla. In the countryside of Seville, to 78.6 kilometres from the capital, it is located its population centre founded July 16, 1769 by King Carlos III.

The coordinates that marks the exact location of this county are 37 ° 38 ’30 “north latitude and 5 º 13′ 30” west longitude. Its altitude above sea level is 168 metres.

Among the terms of La Luisiana, Écija and Palma del Río, Cañada Rosal is part of the Comarca of Écija and from the countryside of Seville in the fertile valley of the River Guadalquivir.

The township has a total area of 25.5 km2 and has a total of 2,569 hectares, of which 1,864 correspond to arable crops, 319 to woody crops, 106 to fallow and other lands, 20 to unproductive land, 250 to non-agricultural surface and 10 to Rios (data provided in the Statistical Yearbook of the Province of Seville, 2002).

Cañada Rosal Monuments

Parish Church of Santa Ana whose construction was funded in the year 1977-1978 by its inhabitants, involving various artistic styles that give it a very peculiar appearance. Inside, we have to emphasize the creation of its images by the great carver Emilio Castruchi and also highlight our unique “Christ Crucified”, who was burned and restored in the Franco era. On the altar we find the picture of “San Antonio” from the XVII century severely weakened over the years and in the sides you can see a collection of pictures with the twelve apostles made by a painter from the town, Pablo Martín. Outside, on one sides of the church we can observe a beautiful alley, called “Flores Pistón” in honour of the priest who got his uprising. This alley is now decorated with flowers whose care and maintenance is borne by the people.

Square Santa Ana

Municipality Gastronomy

The most typical dishes of the municipality are: Clear gazpacho soup, rooster stew with rice, slices of fried bread, pepper and tomoato soup, ayullo, cod with tomato, etc.

How to get there

• Local Road La Luisiana-La Cañada Rosal: SE-137. Whose distance between towns is 10 kilometres.
• Local Road Écija-Cañada Rosal: SE-135. Whose distance between towns is 12 kilometres.
• Local Road Palma del Río-Cañada Rosal.

Distances from Cañada Rosal

Écija 15 km
Sevilla 90 km
Priorato 55 km
Carmona 49 km
Lantejuela 42 km
La Campana 32 km
Palma del Río 41 km
Villanueva del Rey 18 km

Cañada Rosal Town Hall

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