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Villages in Huelva

Cañaveral de León

Villages in Huelva

Cañaveral de León

Cañaveral de León is named partly for its former membership in the Commandery of Leon. The municipality limits with Fuentes de León (Badajoz), Arroyomolinos de León, Hinojales y Corteconcepción.

Its name is also associated with the remaining four towns sisters, Calera de León, Segura de Leon, Leon and Arroyomolinos, sources of Leon. All of them belonging to the Commandery of Leon, a member of the Order of Santiago, having on these lands their lead against the Muslims.

The town is situated on a valley on the mountainside 134 km from the capital and has 514 inhabitants. The origins of the town date back to 30th December 1588, when King Philip II granted the title of town, on payment of a substantial amount of money per capita, per year for 4 years.

 Although independent and having self jurisdiction privileges, the town remained with the current division of Badajoz province of Spain until 1833, which framed by the province of Huelva.

Cañaveral has never been very big and basically a subsistence economy and a difficult and rugged terrain have conditioned an economy based on farming in mountain pastures and olive groves.

Olive growing and livestock (cattle and goats) grazing in the extensive mountain pastures is the main source of income in the area. Nestled in the heart of the region is the production of one of the best hams in the world, the Sierra de Aracena, the terrain is ideal for the breeding of the Iberian pig. In these mountains, having an abundance of acorns and plenty of room, the pigs are free to roam up and down the mountains.

Cañaveral de León Monuments

Santa Marina Church
Chapel of Our Lady of Fátima
Fuente de Cañaveral

Gastronomy of Cañaveral de León

Winter gazpachos and migas serranas-a dish well known in the entire region, made with bread crumbs.

Getting There

Out of Huelva. Autopista del Quinto Centenario in direction of  H-31 and  Seville. Continue along: H-31. Continue along: E-1 / A-49. Take the exit towards: Exit 75, San Juan del Puerto, Trigueros. Around San Juan del Puerto, turn right: N-435 heading to Trigueros – Badajoz. Continue along: A-493 and through Valverde del Camino. Continue along: Carretera de Zalamea. Continue along: N-435 and pass near El Pozuelo. Around Zalamea la Real, turn right: A-461. In Campofrio, turn right: A-479. Cross Aracena and follow signs to Cañaveral de León.

Distances from Cañaveral de León

Huelva 123km
Sevilla 104 km
Aracena 21 km
Trigueros 104 km
Cortegana 49 km
Hinojales 6.5 km
Cumbres Mayores 16 km
Valverde del Camino 79 km
San Juan del Puerto 111 km

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