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Villages in Málaga

Cañete la Real

Villages in Málaga

Cañete la Real

Cañete la Real is located to the southeast of Antequera and bordering on Ronda, to 750 metres above sea level and to 103 kilometres from Málaga. The area has an average precipitation of 600 l/m2, and the annual temperature is 15,5º C

In several points of the municipal area there were found traces of the prehistoric human presence, the first news come from the Iberian Age, when there was a settlement over a hill near the present town, that later the Phoenicians called Sabora, due to the abundance of cereal that was in the area (ebura means cereal). From this primitive settlement, the Phoenicians established trade relations with the indigenous town.

During the Roman domination, very documented by the numerous sites found, the town is moved from the place called Cerro de la Horca to its present sitting. It is added the name of Sabora el de Flavia (Flavia Sabora) in honour to the emperor Tito Flavio Vespasiano, who gave the town the title of municipality in 1979.

Like proof of gratitude, there were made statues of the emperor and there were minted coins in his honour, that there were found in Ronda and Cañete.

The Visigoths, later, promoted the business and farming activity and the king Witiza gave the town the rank of Real.

The Arabs called this town Hins Cannit or Qanit, that according to some authors it means Castillo de Cannit and for others, the name of Qanit referred to the abundant spouts that nowadays you can observe in several points of the urban area. In any case the present name comes from giving a Spanish form to Cannit or Qanit in its means of spout, that was added after the Christian conquest in 1330 the title of Real which had been given by the Goth king Witiza. After it had been recovered by the Arabs for some years, it was added to the Crown of in 1407. Later it belonged to the dominions of the duke and the duchess of Osuna.

Cañete la Real Monuments

Convent of San Francisco
Convent of El Santísimo Sacramento
Castle Árabe Hins Canit
Hermitage of Jesús
Church of San Sebastián
Ortegicar Tower
Tower of El Atalayó
Tower of Priego
Tower of Viján

Gastronomy of Cañete la Real

In Cañete la Real the typical dishes are the beef stew with onion, the stuffing of greens and the stew of tagarninas, we can also find the cold meats from the pig slaughter. In winter you can taste the typical stew and the ‘pringá’ (bread dipped in gravy). We can also find the asparagus and mushrooms, the popular “porra” (large club-shaped fritter) and the gazpacho.

Sweets: Piononos (small pastries) and fairy cakes.

How to get there

From Málaga, the most suitable route is the road A-357 towards Campillos and continue by the Motorway A-384 until Almargen. From this town leaves the Motorway A-476 that leads to Cañete la Real. If you leave from Ronda you have to take the 376 and then link with the Motorway A-357 until Campillos, and if you leave from Antequera you have to access the Motorway A-92 and exit by the A-384 until Campillos.

Distances from Cañete la Real

To Málaga 103 km
To Ronda 36 km
To Antequera 55 km
To Marbella 94 km

Cañete la Real

Cañete la Real

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