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Watchtowers Málaga

Cantal Watchtower

Watchtowers Málaga

Cantal Watchtower – Rincon de la Victoria

The Cantal Watchtower is in an elevated position at the end of Paseo de la Marina (promenade), in C/ Zurbarán (street), in the Andalusian municipality of Rincon de la Victoria.

Like Chilches Watchtower and Jaral Watchtower, the ancient documentation considers the Cantal Watchtower of Nasrid heritage (12th-15th centuries), but its architectural features reveal a later intervention that could provoke, in the same place, the realiztion of a new tower from the XVI century.

The Cantal Watchtower ha a frustoconical shape with an approximate perimeter at the base of 22.82 meters and a height of more than 10 meters. From a solid lower body a chamber is constructed, preserved today, whose access, located on the north side, rises above 7 meters from the ground. It also has a small opening on the south side. To the roof is accessed through an interior staircase that is projected in the same through and outstanding structure of which remain some remains. This is protected by a parapet where you can see remnants of defensive mortars. Also this building had a chimney and the corresponding smoke outlet on the roof.

Its factory is of masonry whose stones are arranged in horizontal courses and with a later plaster. It uses the brick in the access to the tower, vault of the camera, cornice, matacanes, among other elements.

Like most of the towers of coastal surveillance of the province of Málaga, it is accessible from the N-340.

Cantal Watchtower - Rincon de la Victoria - Tower of Cantal

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