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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen


Carboneros is a little town in the north area of the region, located in the Eastern area of it and crossed by the Motorway of Andalucía. The municipality limits with La Carolina, Guarromán, Vilches and San Lorenzo de Calatrava (Ciudad Real).

It predominates the lands of constant pasture, partly pasture lands, where some cattle farming have been settled, being, as well, abundant in small game. Nevertheless, the olive grove is the main economic support in Carboneros, and it is abundant the request for employment coming from the industries in La Carolina.

It was founded by Carlos III, in the Plan de Nuevas poblaciones de Sierra Morena and carried out by the minister Olavide. It was the capital of the new towns. Its settlers were of German origin and worked in the mines located in the region. The mines were very important in its economy and from there its name.

In 1809, in the reign of José Bonaparte, it was the capital of the Guadalquivir Alto.

In 1833, Isabel II would compose it in the province of Jaén.

S. Juan de la Cruz lived for several years in the place known like the “Desierto de la Peñuela” where he wrote many of his works.


Church of La Inmaculada Concepción

Pósito de Labradores (XVIII century): It was erected back around the last third of the 18th Century under the king Charles III patronage included in the Nuevas Poblaciones program.

It had a double pourpose, to store seeds waiting the best sale opportunity and to give those seeds to the settlers who needed it for the sowing.

It is a whitewashed masonry work that presents an structure predominantly horizontal, with lintel door accentuating the symmetry, flanked by two rectangular large window.

The floor has “U” from with only one height. The main nave is divided lengthwise by a round arcade built on square columns, this arcade is parallel to the main elevation, and over it is located a series of round archs.

Recently, it has been restored like a library and cultural centre.

Carboneros Gastronomy

We can find some traditional dishes like the liebre al barrillo that is fried hare cut up into pieces and cooked in white wine or bear with peppers, tomato, onion and chilli; the grilled lamb, calf or pork; from its slaughters we can taste the chorizos, black puddings, lomo de orza and fried rashers of bacon for the breadcrumbs. The most typical salad is the one with cumin.

In the All Souls’ Day is traditional to cook sweet oatmeal porridges and in Easter is traditional the stew of chickpeas with cod and we can mention sweets such as the flowers of Easter.

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue in J-14. In the roundabout, you have to take the exit 2 and continue in E-902 / A-44 towards Bailén – Madrid. Follow towards Salida 0 – Bailén – Madrid and then take the road Madrid. Continue in E-5 / A-4. Take the exit towards Salida 275 – Carboneros – Acebuchar – La Mesa. You have to follow towards Bailén – Carboneros – La Mesa. Then you get Carboneros.


Jaén 63 km
Bailén 21 km
Vilches 19 km
Linares 20 km
Guarromán 8 km
Santa Elena 17 km
La Carolina 6,5 km
El Centenillo 23 km
Baños de la Encina 16 km

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