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Castles in Granada

Carchuna Castle

Castles in Granada

Carchuna Castle – Motril

The Carchuna Castle is located a few minutes from the towns of Carchuna and Calahonda, bouth belonging to the municipality of Motril, next to the Punta de las Calderas and a few minutes from the Llano Watchtower, in the Granada Province.

The Carchuna Castle, also known as “El Castillejo”, has been declared as Cultural Heritage Asset since 1993.

Built at the end of the 18th century under the order of King Carlos III, its main purpose was to protect and give safety to the area due to the continuous pirate attacks. Until the 17th century, this coast and plains were deserted and shelter of Berber corsairs.

After the construction of this fortress, the pirate attacks ceased and Carchuna-Calahonda was eventually formed due to the settlement of people from the Alpujarra and Motril as well as the cultivation of the area.

The castle functioned as a coast battery as well as cavalry and infantry headquarters. During the Napoleonic Wars (1808-1814) it suffered great deterioration. From the second half of the 19th century, it was used as Quartering of carabineers. Besides, it was inhabited by the Civil Guard until approximately 1970.

Currently restored, it is used as exhibition and workshop centre.

Carchuna Castle - Motril

Carchuna Castle

Carchuna Castle

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