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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Cártama, which forms part of the Guadalhorce valley region, is 21 km from Malaga and about 260 m above sea level. Its average temperature is 17 º C and mean annual precipitation is 550 l/m2

Cártama is located at the foot of two small hills (Espartales -400 m. – and Llana -405 m -) which together form what is known as Sierra de Cártama. Its territory is the frontier between the Guadalhorce valley region and La Hoya Montes de Málaga, which has a view that contrasts with the agricultural plain, from which extend orange groves and vegetable plantations on both sides of the Guadalhorce, and the rounded hills to the north of town which have olive and almond trees, and the scattered houses of labourers overlooking the valley – the unmistakable landscape of the Montes de Malaga.

Cártama, throughout the ages, has been a border town which has seen settlement of Celts, Romans and Arabs, who have left the impression among the residents of hospitality. The Guadalhorce river crossing has made possible the growth of a population spread over eight urban centres.

Two thousand years ago, the main access road from the province of Malaga within the Plateau was an Iberian settlement that, despite the lack of a specific name, some called Cartha. It later came to be known by the Roman Cartima and, finally, during the Middle Ages, took its current name Cártama, which is of Muslim origin. Walkers and riders, travelling the banks of the River Guadalhorce, heading to the farthest reaches of Spain, were the first to stop in this town, and stayed because of the renowned hospitality of its inhabitants.

Cártama was host to Celtic peoples, due to their control over its rich mines, now lost and forgotten. The Romans also left their mark, though there is no data to support the passage of its troops from these lands. However, it contains important remnants of these conquerors, such as the Roman arch in the area known as Santo Cristo, which was recently visited by experts who restored the stones that form the arch.

Cártama Monuments

Roman arches
Gibralgalia Church
Historical Remains
Albarrabama Tower
Cross of Humilladero
San Isidro Parish Church
Birthplace of D. José Alarcón
House of Jose Gonzalez Marin
Medieval Castle and City Walls
San Pedro Apostol Parish Church
Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

Gastronomy of Cártama

These are dishes typical of Cártama: sopa cachorreña, asparagus soup, pork loin in lard, gazpacho, pork products (chacinería).

Desserts include torta cartameña (Cartama cake).


The village, just 20 miles from Malaga city, is connected to it by the A-357. It rarely takes more than 15 minutes to get there.


Coín 14 km
Málaga 21 km
Fuengirola 38 km
Torremolinos 21 km
Alhaurín el Grande 10 km

Cartama Castle

Cartama Castle


Guadalhorce Valley - Cártama

Cártama Town Hall

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