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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


A town in Malaga which is located in the Montes de Malaga, 20 km. from the capital, and is considered the “gateway to Malaga.” Beyond Casabermeja is a labyrinthine landscape of hills covered by olive trees, almond trees and underbrush, unmistakable signs of the start of the Mountains. Enjoy the rural setting with mountains such as El Torcal, la Cabra, the mountains of Co and the mountains of the Camorolos.

The village of Casabermeja is at an altitude of 550 metres above sea level. The area receives an average rainfall of nearly 600 l / m 2, and has an annual average temperature of 16 º C.

In the municipality of Casabermeja there are archaeological remains that determine the presence of man since prehistoric times, and at a place known as Piedras de Cabrera there are rock paintings in various shelters provided by the rocks. In the Lagar de Villanueva and Chapera hills, vestiges of the Age of Metals still exist. The Roman presence is evident in the very centre of this town.
But it is in the Arab Andalusian period when the settlement of the population in the area became important. The current name of the municipality, which would have its origin in the Arabic Qsar Bermeja or AlcázarBermejo, is derived from that period.
Casabermeja was founded by Queen Juana (1529) and Carlos I (1550). In 1630 they gave the residents the right to purchase from the Crown the town of Casabermeja.


Zambra Watchtower
Monumental Cemetery of San Sebastian
Church of Our Lady of Socorro
Peñas de Cabrera



Typical municipality dishes are: plato de los montes, gazpacho, olla de la era, rabbit with garlic, goat in a fricassee, migas, olla, sopa del puchero, etc

As for the pastry of Casabermeja, highlights are the borrachuelos, tortas de aceite, roscos de vino, pan de bizcocho, hornazos y bollos de garbanzo.


Getting to Casabermeja from Malaga city is a breeze. The A-4 (N-331) leads directly to the village.


Málaga 20 km
Marbella 81 km
Antequera 31 km
Granada 104 km


Casabermeja, Cementerio de San Sebastian, Bien de Interés Cultural



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