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Casarabonela – Sacred Art Museum

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Casarabonela – Sacred Art Museum

The Sacred Art Museum is located in C/ Baluarte (street), attached to the Santiago Apostol Church and near the Qasr Bunayra Castle, in the town of Casarabonela.

The Sacred Art Museum preserves magnificent examples of silver, books, vestments and sizes of considerable artistic value that keeps this parish from the century 16th until today.

In 1936, shortly before the Civil War began, Antonio Ponce Flag, assisted by Vicar Miguel Torres, hid some treasure and the parish archives from destruction.

All parts were returned to the parish in February 1937 when Casarabonela came under national control, but it was not until the second half of the 70s when, as pastor Alipio Penichet Marrero, laid the foundations regrouping parts, main drawback was that the place where they were deposited was not able to be accessed and operated as a single store.

In 2000, the City of Casarabonela is committed and seeks the restoration of the location and in December 2003 opened as museum. The result of a collaboration agreement between the City of Casarabonela and the Bishop of Malaga.

The pieces and objects that are part of this museum is a very representative sample of both the variety and high quality religious-themed art has reached in Spain.

Casarabonela - Sacred Art Museum

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