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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


Casariche is a Seville town belonging to the jurisdiction of Estepa, it extends over the plain of the Río Yeguas as a counterpoint to the excited Steppe terrain of the municipality of which relied to its independence as a municipality. The municipality covers an area of the eastern fringe of the province in an area of olive groves and some 120 kilometres from the capital.

The municipality’s total population stood at 1,996, with 5,132 inhabitants are distributed in addition to the villa itself Casariche between the Village of Almeda and scattered Cortijo de Ribera Baja, El Riguelo and Viña Diego.

Casariche bounded on the north with Puente-Genil (Córdoba), the southeast by the Alameda (Málaga) and it is surrounded by the towns from Seville , Badolatosa, Lora de Estepa and Estepa.

Apparently Casariche historical origins must be sought in times of the Celts, it was then founded the city of Ventippo, three kilometres north of the actual city and on the edge of Yeguas, as witnessed by the ruins that remain.

The town soon became part of the Roman possessions in the south, and lived one of the most fundamental of all episodes that stage, as was the scene of civil war between two of the Latin triumvirate: Gneo Pompeyo Magno and Cayo Julio César. The town took sides with the loser, falling under the sons of Pompeyo until César, once besieged the area, won for his faction. From then until the arrival of Muslims the chronicle is obscured by the lack of documented data. In Arab period it was part of Waliato de Estepa and highlighted by its importance as an urban centre. Later, Christians would come and the place was given in honour and majesty to the Order of Santiago.

In the XVI century it changed hands with the creation by Felipe II of the Marquis of Estepa, given to Adán Centurión, admiral of the Spanish fleet. What had been a prosperous town was somewhat neglected, as a neighbourhood or peripheral nucleus Estepa, but at least in 1788 it was City Hall.

The remains of ancient past Ventippo drawn to a place even more seasoned than suggested by these vestiges Celts and Romans. We have to emphasize the site of Cerro de la Atalaya, where there were have found important memories, mostly Roman. Within the city, it is only worth mentioning the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, building in a single ship, Latin cross dating from the last third of the XVII century and Baroque features, despite the significant reforms and adjustments that have suffered throughout its history.

Casariche Monuments

Parish Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Encarnación
Town Hall

Roman Quarries of Cerro Bellido

Casariche Gastronomy

We can emphasizes olive oil after being obtained in bulk in the Cooperative Olivarera de Casariche are submitted to Oleoestepa (Cooperative grade 2), which is responsible for marketing the product nationally and internationally.

Among the most representative dishes of Casariche we can include:
– Olives “aliñás” in its different varieties: “partías”, “rajás” and “del año”.- “Encebollao de Bacalao”
– Naranjas “Picás”
– Migas.
– Salmorejo.
– Sausages and black pudding (and a wide variety of sausages)
– Chicharrones.
As for the pastry:
– Ochios, “muffins, fritters,” donuts “, etc.

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla and take the A-92 towards Antequera, passing near Alcalá de Guadaíra, take the exit towards La Puebla de Cazalla. In Puebla de Cazalla, take: SE-451, then: SE-452 and the: A-92, pass near Osuna and take the exit towards El Rubio-Aguadulce. Cross Aguadulce, take the A-92 towards Marinaleda-Estepa-Mataredonda. In Estepa take Avenida Andalucía, take the A-92 and exit towards Casariche, turn right A-379 and get Casariche.

Distances from Casariche

Rute 48 km
Estepa 12 km
Utrera 103 km
Sevilla 136 km
Aguilar 35 km
Lucena 34 km
Badolatosa 9 km
Antequera 45 km
Aguadulce 25 km
Puente Genil 17 km

Casariche Town Hall

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