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Water Dams in Málaga

Casasola Dam

Water Dams in Málaga

Casasola Dam & Reservoir – Almogia

The Casasola Dam & Reservoir is located in the municipality of Almogia, approximately 7 km from the village, in the Campanillas river, the last mayor tributary to the Guadalhorce, on the left bank and belongs to the Cuenca Mediterránea Andaluza.

The main objective of this dam is:

* Lamination of the floods, flood defending the neighborhood of Campanillas and contributing to the final stretch of the Guadalhorce, to reduce their contribution to this river.

* Strengthening the supply of the city of Málaga, with excellent water quality.

Its basin covers an area of 184 km2 and an average annual contribution of 11,60 hm3.

The type of dam is Arch with three gravity centers and curved plan. It has a crest length of 240 m, a height over foundation of 76 m and a height above the bed of 68 m.

The reservoir has a volume of 23,67 hm3 and a surface of 112 hectares. The affected river length is 6 km.

Its spillway is located in the dam body, lip-type fixed curved, three-span. The lip cota is m.s.n.m. 153,50 and the discharge lenght is 60 m.

Casasola Dam & Reservoir - Almogia

Embalse de Casasola

Presa de Casasola - Embalse de Casasola - Pantano de Casasola - Almogia - Málaga

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