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Castles in Huelva

Castle of Almonaster la Real

Castles in Huelva

Castle of Almonaster la Real

Castillo de Almonaster la RealAlmonaster la Real Castle is locate on a hill, together with the Almonaster Mosque and the Bullring.

The walled, irregular plant has an area of 8288 meters square and a perimeter of 313 m articulated by wall paintings of towers with rectangular and circular at the corners and in the middle of the longer stretches. The height of the canvas is perfectly adapted to topography presenting different heights.

His works reveals several stages of construction: the oldest can be traced to the Caliphate and his canvases are reinforced with blocks of Roman masonry in the corners, can also be seen Almohads important interventions in the areas of red clay brick wall, and finally appears masonry of medieval Christianity.

He had an important defensive role against the Christian advance in the Islamic era and against the Portuguese advance in the Christian era, as part of the Banda Gallega.
Inside, the mosque and the bullring (19th century).

Old Fortress
X- XIII Century
Style: califal, almohade y tardo medieval

Almonaster la Real Castle

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