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Castles in Jaén

Castle of La Yedra Cazorla

Castles in Jaén

Castle of La Yedra – Cazorla

(Museum of Popular Arts and Customs of the Alto Gualdalquivir)

The castle stands on the foothills of the Cerro de Salvatierra, on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Cazorla River whose surrounding area made up the original urban centre of medieval Cazorla.

Its irregular layout is a much the result of th uneven topography of the site as the subsequent transformations. From west to east, the castle includes the following structures:

– A large keep with a parade ground
– An intermediate precinct containing service constructions such as water cistern, storerooms, etc.
– A small precinct forming the complex access to the fortress.
– The “albacara” or outer walled enclosure.Castillo de las Cuatro Esquinas, Sede del Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares del Alto Gualdalquivir

The original castle probably had the structure of a “hims” or uncomplicated fortress.

The keep, designed on a square layout, is built on three levels with a flat roof terrace. Bencath the first level, there is a tank wich was probably used to collect and store rainwater.

Access to the fortress is by a steep and zigzagging path leading to the intermediate precinct.

The Albacara or outre walled enclosure has a more varied construction style with irregular towers either adjoining or constructed on the walls themselves. The architectural features suggest that the castle could have been constructed during the Almohad period (12th century) and later completed by the Christians throughout the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries hence the predominance of the gothic style. The castle currently houses the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs.

Castillo de la Yedra de Cazorla

Castillo de la Yedra, recinto amurallado

Castillo de la Yedra Torre del Castillo de la Yedra

2 comentarios

  1. fernando escribio:

    El Castillo muy bien conservado en todos los aspectos.

    LO lamentable ha sido, las explicaciones y comentarios de la supuesta guía del mismo. Una señora que con una gran desinformación y falta de documentación sobre el castillo y su historia pretendía pasar por protagonista cuando el verdadero protagonista era el castillo y su historia.

    Después del esfuerzo físico en llegar al mismo, no se puede atender d esta manera a los visitantes. Lamentable.

    • Carmen escribio:

      Hola Fernando.
      He leído tu opinión y comentario sobre tu visita al Castillo de la Yedra en Cazorla.
      Podrías decirme en que fecha lo visitastes?
      Muchas gracias.
      Un saludo.

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