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Castles in Cadiz

Castle of Vallehermoso, Ayamonte or Carasta in Olvera

Castles in Cadiz

Castle of Vallehermoso, Ayamonte or Carasta in Olvera

Vallehermoso Castle, also called Ayamonte Castle or Carasta Castle is located to the left of the Antequera road, linking the towns of Olvera and Alrmargen, just few meters from the road, in a private agricultural and livestock farm, in the Andalusian municipality of Olvera, province of Cádiz.

This small castle located a few kilometers from Olvera in the direction of Almargen, stands on a crest of porous tuff (limestone rock) only accessible by the curved ramp that gives access to the castle. Inside the enclosure there is a building, a kind of elongated tower that once had two floors and whose access was through the upper floor. From the remains of the door, it can be seen that it was made of brick and was framed in an alfiz. The Torre del Homenaje also served as a defense for the door, and on it the existence of a small machicolation can be guessed. Under the tower there is an almost blocked cistern. The walls are not very thick, and the walkway must have been a walkway made of wood.

Vallehermoso Castle has been used as a cattle fold until practically today. Due to its materials, it seems to be from the same period in which the castle was built, and perhaps it must have housed a small troop dedicated to guarding both the castle and the region.

Castle of Vallehermoso, Castle of Ayamonte, Castle of Carasta, Olvera

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