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Villages in Sevilla

Cazalla de la Sierra

Villages in Sevilla

Cazalla de la Sierra

Cazalla de la Sierra is included in the Sierra Norte region, as part of the Natural Park with the same name. Its northwest corner is bordered by the autonomous community of Extremadura. In 1996, its population was 5,229 inhabitants, most of whom resided in the central area. Among the other entities of the district, we have to emphasize the village of La Ganchosa.

The municipality limits with Guadalcanal, San Nicolás del Puerto, El Pedroso and Constantina.

The settlement of the municipal area comes from very old, probably favoured by the presence of mines on its outskirts. In the Cuevas of Santiago we can find traces of Neolithic settlements and axes, awls and other tools from the Chalcolithic age. You can also see tombs and dolmens.

The Romans called it Callentum and was famous for its vineyards and wines, of this period we have only tégulas and a pedestal of a statue of Emperor Caracalla from 213.
From the Visigoths we find two tombstones of the late V century.

In the period of Al-Andalus it was called Kazala or fortified city, hence comes from its current name. From this period there are preserved parts of the walls of the castle and Azahín neighbourhoods and El Castillo.

The Christian conquest was carried out by Fernando III in 1246. Due to the concession Alfonso X it passes to the Council in Sevilla in 1253 and in 1260 to the archbishop and the Cathedral chapter.

In the XV century the town suffered from the struggles between the houses of Guzmán and Ponce de León.

The XVI and XVII centuries mean an improvement for the people thanks to their wines and spirits which were exported to India.

Felipe V installed here his summer residence and his court between June and August of in 1730.

In 1916 it was awarded the title of city.

Cazalla de la Sierra Monuments

Parish Church of Ntra. Sra. de Consolación
Convent Madre de Dios
La Cartuja de Cazalla
Convent of San Francisco
Monastery of Santa Clara
Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. del Carmen
Convent of San Agustín (nowadays it is seat of the Town Hall)
Church of San Benito (nowadays Hotel Palacio de San Benito)
Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. del Monte


Migas. White Gazpacho (fried egg, garlic, mint, oil, vinegar, bread, rabbit liver). Menudo (pork, prows, knuckle, ear). Cocido de collejas (collejas, chickpeas, potatoes, pringá). Caldereta de rucho lechal. Conejo a la cazallera. Pitorras con arroz. Esparraguillas. Frog legs. Tortilla de berros.
Drinks: Rough liqueurs. Aniseed.

How to get there

From Sevilla, the shortest route which starts in the A-431 to the town of Cantillana and from there to Cazalla by the A-432.


Alanís 17 km
Sevilla 82 km
Peñaflor 58 km
Cantillana 49 km
Lora del Río 50 km
Guadalcanal 26 km
Alcalá del Río 66 km
San Nicolás del Puerto 22 km

Cazalla de la Sierra Town Hall

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