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Water Dams in Cádiz

Charco Redondo Dam

Water Dams in Cádiz

The Charco Redondo Dam & Reservoir

The Charco Redondo Dam & Reservoir belongs to the Cuenca Atlántica Andaluza and is located in the municipality of Los Barrios.

The reservoir is located about 18 km from the town in the direction to Jerez de la Frontera. On the left side of the road is the recreation area of “Charco Redondo”.

River: Palmones
Type of Dam: Loose materials homogeneous.
Built year: 1983
Surface: 637 hectares
Capacity: 79.8 hm3
Height above foundation: 71 m.
Crest length: 311 m
Crown height: 88 m
Foundation elevation: 16,3 m
Cota channel: 22,5 m


* Supply to the urban population of Campo de Gibraltar, with an horizon of 500.000 people.
* Providing the establish industry around the Algeciras Bay.
* Current irrigation of approximately 1.000 hectares in the Vegas de Guadarranque, Palmones and Hozgarganta.

The Charco Redondo Dam & Reservoir

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