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Chiclana de la Frontera

Villages in Cadiz

Chiclana de la Frontera

Chiclana de la Frontera is located in the province of Cádiz, in Andalucía. It is located to the South of the Bay from Cádiz. Its coast is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

We can find marshes, beaches and pine forests; marshes with ecological value, that are part of a protected area, Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park; interminable beaches, with fine sand, that have favoured the development of a high-quality tourism; pine forests next to the coast, an ideal complement of the beaches, country and the sea.

In the interior of the town we can observe a vineyards, extensive plantations of cork-trees and meadows for pastures; there are also small nature reserves, lakes such as the one of Jeli and Montellano, where various kind of birds are reproduced, some of them endangered species.

The city centre of Chiclana located to six kilometres from the coast, has all the equipments and public, social, transport and cultural services. It also has an important touristic attraction: monuments, commercial district, markets, handicraft, wine cellars, restaurants, bars, etc.

Chiclana has a mild climate without many oscillations, few rainfalls and more tan 3.000 daylight hours per year.


Church of San Telmo
Church and Convent of Jesús Nazareno
Hermitage of Santa Ana
Hospital of San Martín
the Clock Tower La Torre del Reloj
The Town Hall
Castle of Sancti Petri
Conde del Pinar’s Palatial-Home


The best sign of the gastronomic culture is the wine of Chiclana. This town has a long wine-producing tradition.

The wine of Chiclana was one of the greater productions in Jerez. Although the production has fallen recently, in the existing wineries we can find high-quality dry sherry wines and muscatels. These wines are produced with traditional and handmade processes. The visit to the wineries and the tasting of these wonderful wines can be a great experience for the visitor, who will find that Chiclana, besides having a good climate, sunshine and sea, it offers you a top-quality wines.

As for the local cuisine of Chiclana, it has the same guidelines of the traditional cuisine in Andalucía.

The most typical dish is the Berza Chiclanera (Cabbage). The fishes and shellfish are breaded in the streams and fish farms that compose its marshes.

We can mention the unknown king prawn of Chiclana. It is less important than the usual one and has delicate flesh; it is an ideal accompaniment for the wines.

We also can find the cured pork from Chiclana, especially the sausage, the spicy pork sausage, and the pork scratching.

The confectionery and confectioner’s of Chiclana are very famous in the area. We can mention the almond flat cakes made in the Convent of Las Madres Agustinas Recoletas.

How to get there

Motorway Link: The Ap-4 (Cadiz – Sevilla) for Puerto Real (20 km) joins Jerez de la Frontera and Seville (40 and 124 kilometers respectively)

Rodad Links

The A-48 (Cádiz-Algeciras)
The A-390 (Chiclana-Medina Sidonia, it connects with the A-381 (Jerez-Los Barrios)
The CA-2022 (Chiclanan-Pago del Humo-Naver) binds to the C-342 (Arcos de la Frontera-Barbate).
The CA-2134 (Chiclana-Sancti Petri-La Barrosa) Chiclana Costa joins with the center.
Links with the A-48 (all directions) by Ctra of Lagunas (exit 10) and Loma del Puerco Ctra (exit 15).


To Cádiz 24 km
To Sevilla 127 km
To Barbate 40 km
To Puerto Real 19 km
To Paterna de la Rivera 33 km
To Jerez de la Frontera 41 km
To Medina Sidonia 24 km
To Conil de la Frontera 20 km
To Véjer de la Frontera 31 km

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