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Watchtowers Málaga

Chilches Watchtower

Watchtowers Málaga

Chilches Watchtower – Vélez-Málaga

Like most of the watch towers of coastal surveillance, the Chilches Watchtower is located a few meters from the sea and of course, next to the N-340 from wich you can easily access the tower´s enclosure. This watchtower is located in the Andalusian municipality of Vélez-Málaga.

As it happens to the Jaral Watchtower, the existence of the Chilches Watchtower would take to Nazari time (centuries XIII and XIV); but its current architecture takes it to a more recent date, a fact that is confirmed by various plans that place it in the second half of the eighteenth century.

The Tower of Chilches has a frustoconical shape with a perimeter of more than 23 meters at the base and a height of more than 8 meters. It has a solid lower body on which stands the conserved surveillance chamber which is subdivided into two floors, the loer one counting with four points of light that correspond with the four visible borders; in the upper floor presents the entrance and the chimney with exit of smoke to the terrado.

Its factory is of masonry with a later plaster. The brick is used in deverse elements like in embrasures, entrance to the tower and inner chamber, and in the double imposta of coronation.

Chilches Watchtower - Vélez-Málaga

Chilches Watchtower

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