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Villages in Cadiz


Villages in Cadiz


Chipiona is a seaside town from Cádiz, it has a population around 17.000 inhabitants multiplying these several times during the summer holidays. It is located to 52 kilometres from Cádiz, between the towns of Rota and Sanlúcar de Barrameda and its municipal district is 31,82 Km2.

The name of Chipiona in the past, during the Roman age, was Caeponis Turri. It is thought that this name comes from the tower that long ago was a lighthouse.

The Roman remains in the municipal district of Chipiona, date from at least the II B.C., the arrival of the Visigoths reduced the population, and until several centuries after this started to recover.

Chipiona, a small town that belongs to the Province of Cádiz, to 52 Kilometres from the capital, has 17.000 inhabitants and an area of 31,99 Kilometres. Its origin dates back to the Roman Age.

The naming of Chipiona comes from an old lighthouse located in the entrance of the River Guadalquivir, and built by Quinto Servilius Ceipión in 40 B.C. This lighthouse was built in order the ships got away from the dangers of La Piedra de Salmedina, cause of many shipwrecks.

In 1251 it was reconquered by the King Fernando III “El Santo”, coming back to be reconquered by Alfonso X “El Sabio”. In 1295, the King Don Sancho IV “El Bravo” gives Chipiona to Alonso Pérez de Guzmán “El Bueno”, being built a castle, passing to belong the Ponce de León.

The tradition relates that San Agustín’s disciples, escaping from the Vándalos de África, arrived Chipiona by sea with the image of the Virgen de Regla. When Spain was invaded by the Arabs, the hermits hid the image in a well to thirty steps from the fortress, nowadays a monastery.

The image was hidden until the XIV century when a religious from the Orden de San Agustín found it, thanks to a revelation from the heaven. Over the fortress there was built the Humilladero.

In 1755 it suffered the earthquake of Lisboa, when the image of El Santísimo Cristo de las Misericordias was required, being reminded this fact with a procession November, 1st, from the hermitage that has the same name until the viewpoint of La Cruz del Mar.

Chipiona Monuments

Lighthouse of Chipiona
Sanctuary Nuestra Señora de Regla
La Cruz del Mar
Parish Church of Ntra. Sra. de la O


  • Beach of Regla
  • Beach of El Camarón
  • Beach of Las Tres Piedras
  • Beach of La Ballena
  • Beach Cruz del Mar
  • Beach of Las Canteras
  • Beach of Montijo

Chipiona Gastronomy

The cooking of Cádiz is influenced by the wines produced in this region and by the wide range of fishes from the coast: tuna, giltheads, urtas (similar to the gilthead), sea basses, dabs, mojarras (a kind of sea-roach), etc., just as the shellfish: prawns, crawfishes, shrimps, canailles (molluscs with form of conch)…., and the famous king prawns.

It must not be forgotten the handmade cheeses, chacinas (cured porks) and meat in the towns of the mountains. The nice confectionery, with Arab influence and the contribution of the convents. You have to taste the delicious tocino de cielo (a sweet made with egg yolk and sugar), the alfajores from Medina Sidonia (small sponge cakes filled with creamy toffee), the nougat and the churros from Cádiz (strips of fried dough) and the typical pestiños (honey-dipped fritters), delicious Christmas sweets.

The numerous restaurants, bars, seafood restaurants, pubs and refreshment stalls give us the opportunity of tasting this varied gastronomy and its excellent wines: fine, medium-dry sherry, oloroso, manzanilla (dry sherry), brandy, etc, matured in the province and give a special character to this region.

Typical dishes in Chipiona

Sea urchins (Erizos), sea anemones (ortigas de mar), corvina (a kind of conger or sea-eel in the Mediterranean), stew of cabbages.

We also have to mention roasted mackerels, urta a la roteña (fish similar to the gilthead), bienmesabe (dogfish), ajo caliente (roast peppers, hard-boiled eggs, ham, etc). The gazpacho (cold Andalusian soup), cabbage with tagarninas, snails, cuttlefish with potatoes, kidneys with Sherry, shrimps omelets, clams with noodles, tuna with tomato, tomato andgarlic soup, seasoning potatoes, roasted peppers, seafood rice, gaditano stew (chickpeas, blood sausage…), huevos a la flamenco (eggs, peas, potatoes, onion, sweet pepper…), torrijas (slices of bread, fried in white wine, eggs, and butter or oil), almond cakes, etc.

How to get there

From Sevilla, the road N-IV or toll motorway until Jerez de la Frontera to follow the road towards Sanlúcar de Barrameda and continue until Chipiona.

From Cádiz, the road N-IV until El Puerto de Santa María to follow by the road towards Rota and continue until Chipiona. Others interior roads link with. Chipiona is located to 35 kilometres from Cádiz and 150 kilometres from Sevilla. Chipiona receives the lines from Jerez and Sevilla. The train station of Jérez is located to 37 kilometres from Chipiona. The nearest airport is the one of Jerez de la Frontera.

Distances from Chipiona

Cadiz 50 km
Sevilla 128 km
Medina Sidonia 64 km
Jerez de la Frontera 31 km

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