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Villages in Granada

Cogollos de Guadix

Villages in Granada

Cogollos de Guadix, Guadix Region

Cogollos de Guadix is located on the northern edge of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a magnificent backdrop shared with other mountain towns and villages of this area which the Arabs called el Sened. Its Arab past can be seen in the layout of its streets, which form a singular urban area, where stands the Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Maria de la Anunciacion (Parish Church of St. Mary of the Annunciation).

On the outskirts of Cogollos de Guadix remains of the remote Argaric culture have been well documented, this having been established after the Iberian-Roman settlement era. It was found to be a little archeological treasure trove for years, with finds of jewels and coins from Punic, Roman and Visigoth times. Although during the early Middle Ages Christians settled in various enclaves around the region, and worshipped in San Marcos and San Pedro, this population would gradually decrease, and disappear completely during the Nazari Kingdom. After the Reconquest, Cogollos was ceded to the Marquis of Villena, in whose hands it remained until the abolition of estates in the nineteenth century.


Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Maria de la Anunciacion (Parish Church of St. Mary of the Annunciation.)

Archaeological sites

Argaric and Roman remains nearby.

Arab water cistern.

Town planning

Old Town.

Cogollos de Guadix Gastronomy

The highlight of local Cogolleros cuisine is excellent tapas dishes but also to be tasted are kid with garlic, migas, ‘sustentos’, casseroles, wine donuts, cakes and bread with oil.


Cogollos de Guadix is located about 78 kilometers from Granada, from where you take the A-44 towards Motril, take exit 11,following the A-92 to pass Guadix, take the GR-SE-19 that will take you to your destination

Distances from Cogollos de Guadix

Granada 78 km
Esfiliana 12 km
Albuñán 3km
Minas del Marquisado15 km
Beas de Guadix 26km
Alquife 14 km
Lanteira 11km
Aldeire 20 km

Cogollos Dam & Reservoir

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