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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Colomera, Los Montes Region

Colomera can be found in the Comarca de Los Montes, in the province of Granada (Spain), about 25 km northwest of the provincial capital. In one of its regions (Cerro Cauro) is the Colomera dam, which supplies water to Cubillas.

The municipality is bounded to the north by Montillana and Benalúa de las Villas, the latter is accessible if you come from Madrid and Jaén, via the route national 323 to la altura de Campotéjar. To the south it is bounded by Moclín, Albolote and Atarfe, to the east by Iznalloz and Albolote and to the west by Moclín.

Colomera was a Roman settlement as evidenced by its name, deriving from the Latin ‘columbaria’, which can be translated as  ‘nest of pigeons’. During the Arab domination it was called Qolumbayra, as Ibn Hayyan mentioned in the tenth century when it was a fortress built by the army from Cordoba to confront the rebel Ibn Hafsun. Since that time there was also a farmstead, probably the origin of the current town, and it was involved in numerous battles as it was a ‘frontier town’.

The town also served as a kind of larder to the capital, and supplied it with wheat, pork and game together with other foodstuffs. In 1486 it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs and ceded to Fernán Alvarez de Toledo. During the following years, until the capture of Granada, it was home to a strong Christian garrison. In the seventeenth century Colomera suffered a serious setback that forced it to change its urban structure.

Colomera Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial de la Encarnacion (Parish Church of the Incarnation, sixteenth century coffered ceiling, and has a painting by Alonso Cano).

Ermita Oratorio del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz. (Hermitage)

Archaeological Sites

Remains of a Moorish fortress (near the church).

Town planning

Barrio de San Matías.
Cortijo de Cas (Arabic Qass, marabout).

Colomera Gastronomy

Together with pork derivatives, such as excellent embutidos and chacinas, various sausages and locally hunted pork, try the delicious home-cooked kid with garlic, meat sauce, grenadine soup, soup with minced meat, potatoes ‘a lo pobre’, migas, and fried or roast rabbit with tomatoes and peppers and roasted or stewed lamb. Among the sweet specialties are baked muffins, donuts and cookies. The town is part of the production area of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is marketed under the label of Denomination of Origin “Montes de Granada.”


Bailen.Motril Highway A/44 (Madrid-Granada), signs for Motril, Exit 111 toward Colomera 12 km, if you opt for the diversion from Campotejar to Benalua de los villas, this runs along the border with the province of Jaen. Head towards Campotejar, pass Campotejar and Benalua, turn to the left towards Benalua and Colomera is approximately 10 km.
From Madrid, after crossing the A/92 from Seville to Puerto Lumbreras, a mile from the intersection there is a well signposted exit to Colomera at 19 km from the top of El Chaparral.

If you are coming from Seville, Malaga or Levante, A/92, cross the road from Granada and Madrid, take A/44, turn towards Madrid exit 241 / B and after 1 km, take A/44 and  the exit, 116, is signposted to Colomera.

Distances from Colomera

Tozar 14 km
Moclín 20 km
Peñuela 13 km
Limones 11km
Granada 25 km
Deifontes 22 km
Valeriano 14 km
Los Morales 15 km
Los Olivares 14 km
Benalúa de las Villas 9.5 km

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