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Water Dams in Málaga

Conde de Guadalhorce Dam

Water Dams in Málaga

Conde de Guadalhorce Dam & Reservoir – Ardales

The Conde de Guadalhorce Dam & Reservoir is located in the municipality of Ardales, on the Turon rive, province of Málaga.

Along with the Guadalhorce-Guadalteba Dam & Reservoir regulates the waters of the upper basin of the Guadalhorce, constituting the headworks of the “Plan Guadalhorce” with the following objectives:

* Improved and expanded to 12.000 hectares of irrigation in the Hoya de Málaga.
* Supply to the city, with a budget of 1.5 m3/sec.
* Increased the electricity production in 13×106.

Its basin covers an area of 271 km2 and its annual average contribution is 46 hm3.

Gravity Dam of masonry concreted and arch plant (its own way is responsible for resisting the pressure of the water), the pressure is transferred toward the slopes of the closed, requires that the rock is very hard and though.

The dam has a crest length of 160 m, foundation height of 74 m and a height above the bed of 53 m.

The reservoir has a volume of 84 hm3 and an area of 546 hectares. The affected river lenght is 12 km.

Its spillway is located in a a valley on the left abutment of movable type, with automatic incresases floating sector. The lip cota is 338.40 m and a discharge length of 32 m.

Turon River and Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir: area covered by the existing Water Act and National Water Plans. Social and ecological interest because it is the indispensable contributions of drinking water to Málaga and to Hoya de Málaga.

Photos 10/06/2018

Conde de Guadalhorce Dam

Conde de Guadalhorce Dam

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Conde de Guadalhorce Dam & Reservoir - Ardales

Presa Conde de Guadalhorce - Embalse Conde de Guadalhorce - Pantano Conde de Guadalhorce

Presa Conde de Guadalhorce - Embalse Conde de Guadalhorce - Pantano Conde de Guadalhorce

Ardales Municipality

The town stands at the foot of a steep hill on which the ruins of an ancient fortress are still preserved. The physiognomy that it presents is one of winding streets and two-storey whitewashed houses. The most notable monument is the parish church of Ntra. Sra. de los Remedios, from the end of the 16th century. Read more…

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  1. Will Rowland escribio:

    Thanks good information . I can’t work out what the word ‘ Conde ‘ means in English. Can you translate? Google says it means ‘ count ‘ but I’m not sure if that’s accurate ?

    • Domingo escribio:

      Perhaps in English is “Earl”, not 100% sure. In Spanish Conde is a “título nobiliario” Title of Nobility???. It is a legal privilege granted since antiquity, which distinguishes the members of the nobility.

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