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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Conquista – Los Pedroches Region

Conquista lies to the northeast of Los Pedroches, 16 km from the C-420 has an area of 38.5 km2 and belongs under the jurisdiction of Pedroches.

Its foundation dates from the last third of the sixteenth century, given the importance of the Via de la Plata linking Cordoba to Madrid.

Subjected in its beginnings to Pedroche, although in the early seventeenth century it already held the title of villa, but until the nineteenth century lacked its own termino municipal because it had been shared with Las Siete Villas de los Pedroches.

The testimonies of former mine workings located throughout the area show the antiquity of human activity in the region, even if the actual population centre did not exist until the sixteenth century.

It was around the time of the late Middle Ages when Conquista originated around a venta designed to assist and provide protection to travellers passing along the road to La Plata. The birth of Conquista is recorded in the novel “Vida del Escudero Marcos de Obregon,” by Vicente Espinel, “llegamos a Conquista, que es pueblo que se comenzaba entonces.”
Conquista reached its splendor at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, due to mining and the arrival of the railroad.

The settlement existed along the Camino de La Plata between Cordoba and Toledo, where they built dwellings with granite lintels and vaulted rooms.

In order not to use the camino real from Villanueva to La Mancha, the residents of la Venta de Guadalmez moved along la camino de la Plata, this heralded the beginning of the heyday of the area.

In 1569 Philip II changed this small population centre to a village by granting a pasture or meadow to the community of Las Siete Villas de los Pedroches. In view of this grant the residents of Ventas Nuevas conquered the village giving it its present name in passing.

Conquista Monuments

Iglesia de Santa Ana (Church of St. Anne)
Ermita de San Gregorio (Chapel of St. Gregory)

Conquista Gastronomy

Traditional dishes in Conquista are based on meat from hunting, such as rice with hare, hare casserole or partridge in a rustic style gazpacho, different from that of La Campina.
Of homemade sausages must be mentioned “la morcilla del ano” and of la cebolla.
Of sweets, perrunas and pelusos.


Out of Cordoba . Continue: N-432. Around El Vacar, turn right: CO-0081. Turn right: A-3176. Pass Obejo. Pass Villanueva de Córdoba. Take CO-90. Arrive at Conquista.

Distances from Conquista

Azuel 19 km
Cordoba 90 km
Cardeña 26 km
Pozoblanco 36 km
Alcaracejos 47 km
Torrecampo 19 km
Fuencaliente 33 km
Villanueva de Cordoba 15 km

Santa Ana Parish Church - Conquista

Santa Ana Parish Church - Conquista Santa Ana Parish Church - Conquista

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