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Castles in Jaén

Consolacion Castle

Castles in Jaén

Consolacion Castle – Castellar

The Consolacion Castle is located in the Loma de Montesinos, southeast of the town of Castellar, next to the Consolacion Hermitage, province of Jaen, Andalusia.

Known as Espinosa Castle, name of the village that existed prior to the castle and the place where it is located, or fo Consolacion by the nearby Virgen de la Consolacion Hermitage.

The remains that remain today correspond to the base of a torreón about 12 meters side and 5 meters high. On its façade stands out the slightly pointed arch of the entrance formed by well-carved ashlars, without a central key.

The passage to the interior is solved in layaer, typical defensive element of Muslim origin, in this case with option of passage to the right and left. The roof is barrel vault. At the botton of the wall, a security window offers surveillance at the entrance of the enclosure and ensures defense.

Inside, the first level of the torreón shows remains of its roof with half-orange dome supported on tubes, this being another architectural resource typical of oriental architecture.

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