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Villages in Sevilla

Coria del Río

Villages in Sevilla

Coria del Río

The municipality of Coria del Río is situated in the southwestern sector of the province of Seville, at the foot of la cornisa del Aljarafe and very close to the Comarca de las Marismas.

The Guadalquivir is the fundamental element of Coria del Rio. Around it has turned, and still does, its history, its activities, traditions, wealth and sometimes disadvantages, as Coria has known flash floods due to the flooding of the great river.

Coria Is organized around the river, so that the municipality is divided into two unequal parts, on the left bank is the bulk of the municipality while on the right bank is the main village, its population about 23,000 inhabitants.

Given its unique geographical location and the fertility of the area, Coria has been a settlement of many cultures, as evidenced by numerous archeological findings. Thus, there are numerous remains of the Neolithic, as in polished axes, knives, tips and other findings dating from the Chalcolithic and Late Bronze Iberian period.

Although this evidence does not go back far enough to definitively state the age of Coria del Rio, it is known that it dates back to 3000 BC. At that time the village, settlement or population centre was situated in the Cerro de San Juan.

Coria del Río Monuments

Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Estrella (Church of our Lady of the Star).
Ermita (shrine) de la Veracruz.
Soledad Chapel
Saint Juan Bautista Hermitage
Capilla (chapel) del Rocio eighteenth century.


Cerro de San Juan. (a hill or ridge)


Out of Seville. In the outskirts of Camas take: E-803 / A-66 / IS-30 towards Camas-Huelva. Pass near Camas. Take: A-3122, Pass San Juan de Aznalfarache and Gelves and head for Coria del Rio.

Distances from the town

Sevilla 16 km
Utrera 44 km
Lebrija 75 km
La Puebla del Rio 3 km
Palomares del Rio 4.5 km
Mairena del Aljarafe 9 km
Villafranco del Guadalquivir 25 km

Coria del Río Town Hall

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