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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva


Corteconcepción located in the vicinity of Aracena in the Sierra and belonging to the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, one of the most important protected areas of the Community and which occupies the entire north of the province with its meadows and small hills covered predominantly by forests of oaks, cork oaks, chestnut trees and undergrowth, where numerous rolling streams form a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

The nucleus of the town is declared to be a place of cultural highlights that include the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Chapel of San Juan and the ruins of a place known as Los Molinos.

The first signs of human presence date back five millennia as evidenced by the remains of dolmens found in the hamlets of La Gomera and Mount Acosta. The Roman presence dates from the discovery of an early Christian Crismon, a traditional symbol of Christianity –a monogram composed of various combinations of letters of the name Christ or titles for Jesus. They are sometimes called Christograms, which is of value considering the rarity of such symbols. The remains of the shrine of Santiago, rebuilt after the Christian era, in the thirteenth century is the only evidence of the Middle Ages.

The origin of the population as such, is in the tradition of mid-fifteenth century and the middle of the sixteenth century when the village had a population size and importance, which culminated in the construction of the church of La Concepción (1550).
During the eighteenth century the population was joined by the population of Juan Gil, giving rise to the neighbourhood of Puerto Gil, making up the peculiar town that stretches about 1700 m in a straight line.

Finally, after several attempts at independence, in 1818 and upon payment of a large sum of money, Fernando VII granted the privilege of Villazgo Corteconcepción, bringing to an end to a long dependency on Aracena council.

Monuments in Corteconcepción

Historic-artistic Puerto Gil.

Concepción Parish Church.

San Juan Hermitage

Archaeological sites

Dolmen de Monte Acosta.

Corteconcepción Gastronomy

Sausages (ham, sausage, cane back, black pudding, salami).

Sweets: Pestiños. Piñonates.

Getting There

Out of Seville. Continue along: E-803 / A-66. Follow signs to Airport
All directions, Merida, Cordoba, SE-30, E-803, N-630, E-5, A-4. Pass near Camas. Continue along: E-803 / N-630. In Construction Entremontes turn right: N-433. Valdezufre Around, turn right: H-3102. On the outskirts of Puerto Moral, turn left: HV-3105 and follow signs to Corteconcepción.

Distances from Corteconcepción

Cala 42 km
Huelva 23 km
Sevilla 84 km
Huelva 106 km
Aracena 8.5 km
Cortegana 36 km
Monesterio 62 km



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