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Monuments in Huelva

Cortegana Divino Salvador Parish Church

Monuments in Huelva

Divino Salvador Parish Church

The impressive Church Of Divino Salvador is located in the village center of Cortegana, in the Constitución Square, just few minutes from San Sebastian Church and Cortegana Castle.

This church dates back from 14th 16th centuries and has a Gothic-Mudejar/ Renaissance style.

This temple of large size with a three naves plan covered at the same height. The ships are separated by Doric columns that support, in the first section, groin vaults, and in the other “baida” vaults( vault formed by a hemisphere cut with four vertical plans) except the chapel that functions as a transept with a semi-sphere vault. The exterior walls are reinforced by big rectangular buttresses.

From mid 14th century is “La Portada del Perdon”, on the top of the façade, the only Gothic-Mudejar temple preserved, which during Catholic Kings period was completely dismantled to build the present building. Its constructive progress was delayed due to the magnitude of the project: Gothic vaults in the firs section, Renaissance columns used as supports and which belonged to late Baroque bell tower. There marble paved and the construction of the choir was the latest work that was made in late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Inside the church can highlight the three wrought iron pulpits, 1699, the holy water and baptismal fonts around 1679 and finally, the rich silver or gold works with pieces belonging to 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Divino Salvador Parish Church

Campanario de la Iglesia del Divino Salvador

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