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Monuments in Huelva

Cortegana – San Sebastián Church

Monuments in Huelva

San Sebastian Church in Cortegana

The San Sebastian Church is located in the San Sebastian Street, next to the Santo Fountain, just before you get to Calvario Chapel, few minutes from the old Bullring and the Divino Salvador Church, in the locality of Cortegana.


Gótico Mudéjar

This temple dates from 16th Century and has a Gothic-Mudejar style.

The building is rectangular in shape topped by a chancel covered by a simple groun vault from the first half of 16th century and these are attributed to the architect Hernan Ruiz II, when he became the mayor master of the Archbishop of Seville.

The domed roof of the nave is from 19th century, its last construction stage.

The facades and the belfry date from the second half of the 16th century.

San Sebastian Church in Cortegana

Church of San Sebastian in Cortegana

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