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Castles in Sevilla

Cote Castle

Castles in Sevilla

Cote Castle, Montellano

Brief Historical overview

Its location explains its geo-strategic relevance, with the Arabs denominated Mont Aqut. Due to its arquitectural characteristies this castle is considered unique in Spain, there being a similar one in France and another in England.

A good example of Military frontier construction of the XIIcentury. It was located on the first defensive and intercommunication line of the ChiristianNazari frontier denoting its importance in the denominated Moorish Strip which formed a triangular stronghold along with the Aguzaderas Castle and the tower of Lopera, defending the access by way of the river Guadalete.

Elements that make up what 

Its architectural structure consists of two walled in areas, and we can conclude what its geometry was like only by the fragments that remain. The uppermost plateau is demarcated by the interior wall where the tower chapel is located, with a central plant and double symmetry formed by four semi – detached apses and catalogued as a donjon keep and without a doubt the most outstanding element of the fortress, with its crosspiece vaults and unique in Europe due to its special architectural characteristics.

Facts: distances 

Fortress that is part of the Route of the Castle, Witnesses of the Reconquest.

Complete Itinerary:

Castle of the Aguzaderas (El Coronil) on A-376, km 52.8 direction Montellano, 3 km. from The Coronil.

Castle Cote (Montellano) on the A-8127 leadership Coripe, km. 3.5.

Castle Arabic (Morón de la Frontera): From A-8127 binds the A-361, alter 19km. Find Moron de la Frontera, is located in the heart of the fortress town.

Castle del Hierro (Pruna): From Morón direction Pruna, on the A-406 and linking the A-363, at 33 Kms. It stands the rocky hill.

Medieval Castle (Olvera): Pruna Olvera direction by the A-363 to 7.5kms. Is the rising strength of this people gaditano on a rock in the middle of town.

Legends: The Battle of the Guadalete

The Battle of the Guadalete among Muslims under the command of Muza against the troops of Don Rodrigo.

There are those that profess that it was as the joining of the Rivers (Montellano) in the Hacienda Morejón (Montellano), where the Vega de los Caballeros is located.

Don Rodrigo could not find a safer place to protect his wife during the battle than the Cote Castle. The truth was that it was secure as she survived but the King did not.

Monumento Inscrito – BIC – Castillos – Actividad Militar – BOE 29/06/1985 – nº 155

Castle of Cote

Castillo de Cote Castillo de Cote

Castillo de Cote Castillo de Cote

Castillo de Cote

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