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Watchtowers Jaen

Cuadros Watchtower

Watchtowers Jaen

Cuadros Watchtower – Bedmar y Garciez

Cuadros Watchtower or Torreón de Cuadros is located a few meters from the Bedmar River, in the Andalusian municipality of Bedmar and Garciez. It is acceded by a lane that leaves from the JV-3222.

Cuadros Watchtower is about twelve meters of height approximately and six meters of diameter. The tower has a bicolor aspect since it was constructed with stones of two different quarries. Other parts that we can distinguish are the saeteras, where the archers hurled arrows without fear of being hurt, as well as the entrance of the tower, which gives precisely to the most inaccessible side.

Cuadros Watchtower is of cylindrical plant and its walls measure 1.6 meters of thickness. The tower is cleared and has lost the parapet of its terrace. Its interior was divided in 3 plants, the first two had roof of wood and the top floor had by cover a hemispherical dome that covered the terrace.

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