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Water Dams in Granada

Cubillas Dam

Water Dams in Granada

Cubillas Dam & Reservoir

Cubillas Dam is located on the Cubillas riverbed, near the towns of Albolote and Atarfe, in the Andalusian province of Granada.


* Irrigation (25 Hm3, 2.500 Hectares.)
* Water Supply (70.000 Hab.)
* Electricity (781 Kw)
* Ecological Flow 0,250 m3/s.

Cubillas Dam & Reservoir Features

Cubillas basin has 626 km2 with an average annual rainfall of 604 mm. and an average annual contribution of 68 hm3.

Earth Homegeneouse dam with straight plant with a crest lenght of 368,47 m. and a coronation width of 11 m.

The Cubillas Reservoir has a surface of 194,4 hectares and a capacity of n.m.n. 18.70 Hm3.

Cubillas Dam & Reservoir - Albolote

Cubillas Dam & Reservoir

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