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Villages in Huelva

Cumbres de Enmedio

Villages in Huelva

Cumbres de Enmedio

 Cumbres de Enmedio is an small and friendly population north of the province, bordering with the province of Badajoz in the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, one of the most important protected areas of the Community that occupies the entire north of the province with its meadows and slopes covered predominantly by forests of oaks, cork oaks, chestnut trees and undergrowth, through which course numerous streams that form a landscape of extraordinary beauty and charm, The area is ideal for livestock, especially for the Iberian pig that enjoys the ideal conditions here.

The closets municipalities to Cumbres de Enmedio are Cumbres Mayores, Cumbres de San Bartolomé, Fregenal de la Sierra, Hinojales y La Nava.

Next to the neighbouring municipality of Cumbres de Enmedio there are remains of settlements that indicate a Celtic culture, and on top of these are Roman remains, hence the hypothesis of the existence of the Celtic peoples and the later Roman settlement. The name of the village was Nertobriga or Julia Concordia.

In the Muslim period some Berber villages grew up specializing in using land for animal husbandry. The second half of the thirteenth century was dominated by the Christian conquest of the Kingdom of Castile. Since then, this area belonged to the city of Seville, as land became Crown property, and had a border with the Kingdom of Portugal. This situation led to several confrontations between the two kingdoms, until the signing of Alcaçobas-Toledo in 1479.

The fact that Cumbres de Enmedio did not build any fortification affected the small population who had nowhere to shelter unlike their sister towns- Cumbres Mayores and St. Bartholomew- both of whom possessed castles where village people could shelter in times of adversity.

The traditional economy based on subsistence agriculture and livestock led to a slower population growth until the second half of the twentieth century. From here the population decreased the result of the crisis in the economic model of subsistence.

Cumbres de Enmedio Monuments

The main architectural interest is the parish church of San Pedro, listed as a Cultural Interest


Embutidos, derived from Iberian pork, Sausages (Iberian pork). Cooked Gazpacho.

Cumbres de Enmedio – Getting There

Exit Huelva heading to San Juan del Puerto – Trigueros – Fregenal de la Sierra. Around San Juan del Puerto, turn right: N-435 heading to Trigueros – Badajoz. Continue along: A-493. Cross Valverde del Camino. Continue along: Carretera de Zalamea. Continue along: N-435. Pass near El Pozuelo. On the outskirts of La Nava, turn left: HV-2216 and from there follow signs to Cumbres de Enmedio.

Distances from Cumbres de Enmedio

Huelva 126 km
Aracena 39 km
Galaroza 24 km
Hinojales 15 km
Cortegana 33 km
Canaveral de Leon 21 km
Cumbres Mayores 4.5 km

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  1. Juan Luis Villar escribio:

    según documento del AGS el privilegio de villazgo se firma en 1557, pagándose 250.000 Maravedís , firmado en Valladolid el 22 de abril 1557.
    El Ayuntamiento tiene fotocopia del recibo y lo publico en su pagina de Facebook el pasado 22 de abril para conmemorar 424 años de privilegio.

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