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Villages in Huelva

Cumbres Mayores

Villages in Huelva

Cumbres Mayores

Cumbres Mayores is located north of the province, along the border with de Badajoz, in the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, one of the most important protected areas of the Community and which occupies the entire north of the province with its meadows and small hills covered predominantly by forests of oaks, cork oaks, chestnut trees and undergrowth, where  numerous streams form a landscape of extraordinary beauty and charm, ideal for livestock, especially for the Iberian pig, which has ideal conditions here.

This town of Celtic origin and subsequent Roman occupation was a municipality and was connected by a causeway with Zufre and Aroche. It appears that the depopulation of this settlement led to the origin of Cumbres. Conquered by the Kingdom of Castile in the thirteenth century, it became Crown land dependent on the city of Seville and was part of the whole defensive core in the “question of the Algarve” a short war in Portugal. The castle, from the Charter given by King Sancho IV in 1293, consolidated the population, now defended behind powerful walls.

Important, at the beginning of the modern age, was the presence of the migrants of the Mesta. In 1488 documents certified the litigation of the city of Seville with the Mesta to collect tolls from the cattle passing through this city.

Today, the Cumbreña economy is still based primarily on the industry utilising derivatives of the Iberian pig, but has lost the dominant role it had in this sector to Jabugo and Cortegana.

Cumbres Mayores Monuments

Castle, 1293. Built in the reign of Sancho IV. Declared a national monument in 1895.

San Miguel Parish Church. Its interior boasts the Baroque altarpiece.

Home of the Convent of Franciscanas Clarisas.

Virgen del Amparo Hermitage, XV century. Romanesque Gothic over the main door.

Shrine of Our Lady of Hope, fourteenth century. It has a vaulted apse and  Roman and Gothic naves.

Santa María Magdalena Hermitage (apse Romanesque and Gothic naves).

Mexican silverware collection.

Cumbres Mayores Gastronomy

One of the main attractions of this town, which has given it deserved fame, are the pork products of the Sierra hams.

Very characteristic of the municipality is sausage made from goat offal, parsley, onion and vegetables. Among cooked dishes prepared are Iberian Serrano ham and sauce.

Getting There

Out of Badajoz. Take N-432, cross Albuera. Continue along: N-435. Pass near Jerez de los Caballeros. At the roundabout, take exit 4 Continue along: A-5300. Pass Cumbres de Enmedio and continue to Cumbres Mayores.

Distances from Cumbres Mayores
Huelva 131km
Aroche 50 km
Galaroza 28 km
Aracena 37 km
Cortegana 37 km
Fuentes de León 13 km
Cumbres de Enmedio 4.5 km
Cumbres de San Bartolome A 9 km

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