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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Cútar is situated to the west of the comarca de Axarquia, 10 km from Vélez Málaga and 32km from the provincial capital. The town is 330 metres above sea level, and the area has an average annual rainfall of 560 l/m2, with an average temperature around 17 º C.

The origin of Cútar is shown to be before the arrival of the Arabs. Remains found at the site of Peña de Hierro testify to the existence of prehistoric settlements dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Due to its geographical location the area has favored the presence of man in these lands since prehistoric times, especially in the terraces of the Rio de la Cueva and the Peña del Hierro. However, the first known data of the current settlement corresponds to the Arab period. Its name comes from the term Hisn Aqut, which means high castle, and refers to a castle, now disappeared, which was a shelter over the village.

Cutar was part of the Ta’a de Comares, under the castle, and very close, and from which you can see perfectly all their land.

Cutar enjoyed, as did the whole region, a period of great economic prosperity, thanks largely to the export of raisins, until the Moorish rebellion, after which it suffered the same fate as other towns in the area.


Church of the Virgin of the Incarnation
Arab Fountain
Archaeological Remains

Cútar Gastronomy

Cútar cuisine is typical of the Axarquia, based on axarqueño ajoblanco (white garlic) chickpea and chorizo stew, gazpacho soup and maimones, which is common to other surrounding villages. Also worthy of mention, muscatel wine and among their sweets Tortas de Leche.

The introduction over the years across the Axarquia of numerous subtropical crops (avocados, custard apples, mangoes, papayas, etc) and greenhouse crops have provided a wealth of traditional cuisine, to the point which it is not possible to conceive of a typical local cuisine without thinking about these products.


From the Costa del Sol, take the Mediterranean motorway A-7 (N-340) and go along the A-335 towards Vélez Málaga. Without going in Velez but 3km from there (towards Trapiche), turn onto the MA-145, this connects with two other roads, the MA-146 and MA-178. The first will take you up to Benamargosa and from there to Cútar. The second road (MA-178) will lead to Almáchar, El Borge and then Cútar. Both routes are almost the same distance.

Distances from Cútar

Nerja 42 km
Malaga 55 km
Almáchar 8 km
Benamargosa 6 km





Cútar Town Hall

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